Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ADSL in South Africa

ADSL in South Africa is in for a change on the 1st November. Telkom/SAIX will no longer allow unlimited local bandwidth after you reach your cap. You will have no internet connection whatsoever. At the moment most ISPs use SAIX for their bandwidth, so if you are in doubt whether this affects you, it most probably does.

There is a solution however. Internet Solutions (IS) will be providing 30GB of local bandwidth to each account after you are capped. Local content will also be faster on IS than on SAIX. The only drawback is that international latency is bad, so applications like Skype might suffer. Find out if your ISP will be changing to IS come 1st November, or else change ISPs.

ISPs that I know of that use IS are www.openweb.co.za and www.imagine.co.za
If you know of any others, leave a comment.


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