Saturday, September 26, 2009

Using the USA iTunes Store in South Africa

I've been using the USA iTunes Store for a couple of years now to buy music, tv shows and rent movies. I've considered posting how I manage to do it, but have always decided against it. Until now..

Its dead simple. Since you don't have a USA credit card, you will instead have to use vouchers. There are a couple of sites where you can buy iTunes Store vouchers. The one I always use is iTunes Express. Simply pay with your South African PayPal account or Credit Card. And you get an email with the voucher code in it 10-15min later.

Then in iTunes, go to the USA iTunes Store and click Redeem. You will have to create a new iTunes Store account. Choose some random address in the USA for you location, and done. That simple. Then just keep topping up with more vouchers.

This little system keeps my Apple TV very happy. Enjoy